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Mookie Betts Treats Hundreds of Kids from South Central to Memorable Dodgers Game Day.

In a heartwarming gesture that helped deliver an unforgettable experience for hundreds of children and their families, Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts joined forces with the 5050 Foundation and Crete Academy to invite around 650 kids to Dodger Stadium for a game day towards the end of September. The 5050 Foundation, founded by Betts himself,

is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged young people.

5050 Foundation’s official Instagram account shared a highlight reel of children arriving with their families at Dodger Stadium. The joy on everyone’s face was palpable. Betts was also present in the video, as he welcomed the kids to ‘his work.’

Baseball can bring serious change off the field, Mookie Betts continues to demonstrate just that

Mookie Betts and the 5050 Foundation continue to show their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young people. Through their partnership with Crete Academy and events like these, they are not only creating good memories but also sowing the seeds of hope and inspiration in the hearts of South Central's underprivileged youth.

It's a reminder that baseball can be a powerful force for good, bringing communities together and lighting the way for a brighter future.


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